Anti-microbial Central Venous catheter kit


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Anti-microbial Central Venous catheter kit

High quality central venous catheter
  • 90183900

    中心静脉导管套装 副本

    Antimicrobial Central Venous Catheter  

    • Characteristics:

    • 1. Rifampicin and Minocycline integrates catheter inform of molecular, they release at a slow steady rate for long time, hence, the antimicrobial effect is durable and stable.
      2. Compared with fi rst generation of Chlorhexidine , Silver Sulfadiazine, combination of Rifampicin and Minocycline has stronger antimicrobial effect without allergy to patients.
      3. Protect against Staphylococci, Enterobacterial and Candida, in vitro, the Antimicrobial circle is more than 7 mm.

  • Benefits:

  • 1. Reduce the chances of infection, prolong the indwelling time (for 30 days).
    2. Reduce the frequency of changing catheter, therefore, it can reduce the risk.

  • 中心静脉导管

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